Backing and filling

It has been a long time since 2012.  Rereading what I wrote then and not much has changed.  There are more teeth on the plates.  I still cant eat with the things in my mouth.   The good news though is that I was at a funeral/memorial service last week and  I got up to say a bit about the dear departed and everyone clapped when I finished which was pretty nice of them.  Then afterwards several came up to me and said how well I spoke.  And one said how great it was that they could hear every word I said even in the back row.  And I wasn’t even using the mike.

So that’s good.  The old gift of gab still works.  However the mouth remains uncomfortable after more than a few hours which severely limits social interaction and I cant eat anything except icecream or very soft cheesecake when out.

I noticed that back in 2012/2013 I complained of weight loss, heading for size 8.  Now heading for something lower.   A few weeks ago I was at doctor he wanted to do blood pressure but he said, after cutting off my circulation for a while, that he couldn’t tell me what it was, my arm was too thin for the cuff to sit round properly.  Very strange.  I am more tired and lacking in energy and strength.  Better go and eat.  I hope to be back in much less than 2 years.


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