Back at the Dental Hospital

Three weeks ago, or four, I had to go and get yet another tooth out. One by one they all go. Worst experience ever. All the many other extractions I’ve had done since I finished my laughingly called “course of care” a few years back, have been done by the students and I’ve had no complaints. Other than that no one has ever thought to do anything but extract, extract, extract. Same treatment as you get in jail. Thats what being poor is like here in the idiot country. Students have been courteous, sensitive, careful. Three weeks ago I got a English qualified dentist. The moment I saw her soft little weak white hands I should’ve up and bolted. But sense diminishes in proportion to pain sometimes. Even through the anaesthetic I knew she was a botcher. It was a week before I could eat or speak much. Two weeks before the swelling and bruising died down. Another week before I realized that what I thought might be a bit of scab over the mess was a sharp bit of left over tooth bone still sticking out.


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