Twelve years and never one written word? You cant write can you?

that my friend who I've known for 15 years and always carried piles of papers, books everywhere and whose apartment became a toxic health hazard from the piles of written material blocking passages and rooms could not write and right now cant or wont prove he can read. Does anyone else know? I dont know. I've talked with a teacher friend who doesn't know him or his friends. Looking back I did see things that didn't add up in our first years of aquaintance. Still you dont want to believe your new friend who totes around impenetrable volumes of deconstructionism, modern Marxism and art theory is functionally illiterate. And I think he got more careful after his cover was nearly blown, or was, a couple of times. He hints at causes in childhood, angry dad who worked at newspaper but I still cant accept that the time and energy that goes into this deception couldn't have been better used learning to read and write. He seems proud of his cover up and doesn't seem to get it when I say deception at such a basic level, basic considering the very literate types of people with whom he wants to mingle and identify himself, is the worst basis to build friendships and relationships. Alas the longer it has gone on the harder it must become to say "I have this problem, I've had it for ever, can you help me?" Can anyone help me? Is it too late, at 60, and cruel to persist and should he be left in comfort of his deludings?

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