a bird of passage

both i've been at the same and different times. most people body clocks dont adjust happily to the industrial work timetable, I humbly suggest. When I left my parents home and became boss of my own hours at 18 I saw that between 10am and 1pm, depending on obvious things about that age at liberty en masse for the first time perhaps in human history, 10-1 seemed my natural comfortable time to awaken, if not arise, permanently, though my what a mighty bladder one must have had at that age, and, left to my own devices I'd subside between 1 or 2am and dawn. Naturally this idyll was broken by demands of life eventually, and then permanently with parenthood at 30. If they cant get you one way…Now though, 30 years later, every so often, every week or so, I have these late nights, like now, when I can just keep going. Its quite odd, I'd never hoped to see this again. The shadowed safety of the night, the quiet room, low light. Soft hum of computer or rumble music or distant music. Wonder how little traffic I've noticed, perhaps computer hum blocks it out.

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